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Roxy Paine


Henry Moore


Alphonse Mucha


Ernst Haeckle’s book “Art Forms in Nature”


Dale Chihuly


Photo: Samba schools parade

a negative from the 1800’s. Trees from the redwood forest.

light pollution in chicago

The greatest delight which the fields and woods minister, is the suggestion of an occult relation between man and the vegetable. I am not alone and unacknowledged. They nod to me, and I to them. The waving of the boughs in the storm, is new to me and old. It takes me by surprise, and yet is not unknown. Its effect is like that of a higher thought or a better emotion coming over me, when I deemed I was thinking justly or doing right.

Yet it is certain that the power to produce this delight, does not reside in nature, but in man, or in a harmony of both. It is necessary to use these pleasures with great temperance. For, nature is not always tricked in holiday attire, but the same scene which yesterday breathed perfume and glittered as for the frolic of the nymphs, is overspread with melancholy today. Nature always wears the colors of the spirit. To a man laboring under calamity, the heat of his own fire hath sadness in it. Then, there is a kind of contempt of the landscape felt by him who has just lost by death a dear friend. The sky is less grand as it shuts down over less worth in the population.

-RALPH WALDO EMERSON, from his journal “Nature”

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Yoshiro Suda




This week I went to the modern wing to briefly look around. I noticed there was a new gallery so i went in. I really really liked the photographs by Zoe Strauss. The subject matter is of everyday people or things but for most people these things are not so normal. My favorite was a photograph of a room with just a bed in it. The bed had many different patterns, colors, and fabrics and the comforter was a sleeping bag. What i thought was funny about this image was the bed was made perfectly but everything was so mismatched, and the drapes on the window were also a completely different pattern. There were also different portraits of people taken on the street. I liked these photos because it exposed a world that most people do not see.

bev and frank bed_9468 web


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