Nikki S. Lee & Cindy Sherman

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After observing particular subcultures and ethnic groups, Nikki S. Lee adopts their general style and attitude through dress, gesture, and posture, and then approaches the group in her new guise. She introduces herself as an artist (though not everyone believes her or takes it seriously), and then spends several weeks participating in the group’s routine activities and social events while a friend or member of the group photographs her with an ordinary automatic “snapshot” camera. Lee maintains control of the final image, however, insofar as she chooses when to ask for a picture and edits what photographs will eventually be displayed.

Nikki Lee- The hip hop project

Nikki Lee- The hiphop project

Nikki Lee- The hispanic project

Nikki Lee- The hispanic project

Nikki Lee- The senior project

Nikki Lee- The tourist project

Nikki Lee- The skateboard project

Nikki Lee- the yuppies project

Nikki S Lee- the punk project

Cindy Sherman is known for her self portraits where she takes on different roles of women in society.

Cindy Sherman

Cindy Sherman

Cindy Sherman

Although Sherman is a classic, I’m partial to Lee’s work.


Nina Katchadourian!

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One of my faves…

There are far too many great images of her work to post on here and it’s a little confusing if you don’t read the captions on her work so….. you should go to her website

The Campana Brothers

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The Campana brothers are two furniture designers from Brazil.

Irving Penn Favorites

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Chocolate Mouth

Nude 151 (a few of these used to be on display at AIC)



Mascara Wars from Vogue’s extreme beauty

Frozen food with string beans (on display at AIC)

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